Located on North Santa Cruz Avenue —one of the most enjoyable shopping and strolling downtown streets in the Bay Area—Petroglyph is snuggled between Fleur de Coco (fine dessets) and Powells Sweet Shop, and a few doors from the new Apple Store and the Gatos Theater. A wide range of amazing restaurants span the blocks around Petroglyph, includng Opa! (Greek), Andale (Mexican), and dozens of others, making for a wonderful afternoon or a treat after dinner for you and your friends.

There are many ways to enjoy Petroglyph in Los Gatos. On many mornings, moms walk downtown with strollers and come in to relax while the baby is sleeping (or press his little foot onto a plate!) It’s also a great time for moms – and their moms – to go out together and share some time. After school, parents come by with gradeschoolers – sometimes they bring a friend – and they paint for the afternoon. After, they walk along the strip and get a pizza or burrito. Most kids love topping off an afternoon out with a treat from any of the nearby sweet shops.  In the evenings, Petroglyph is part of date night. Couples have a nice dinner down the street, maybe Forbes Steak House or Travesse and spend a quiet night painting and talking. And of course, girls night out might involve wandering down North Santa Cruz, browsing through the shops, picking up a dessert and cappuccino and regrouping at Petroglyph.

As the smallest Petroglyph studio, we can fill up fast around the holidays and reservations are recommended.