Petroglyph is a creative birthday party for all kids, although most frequently for children ages 5 to 15.

*Note: Not all plate designs are available in all studios.

We do Kid's Parties like this: your group of seven or more kids can paint together using a discounted Day Pass. You can select from a small grouping of cafe tables, a larger banquet table, or our special "Kiva" group seating with room for 15 -- which nicely doubles as a serving table if your group is smaller.  We encourage you to bring food and drinks, balloons, decorations, and of course cake - to add to the festivities. Make reservations at least two weeks in advance so we can secure you space and provide proper staffing.

Kids Party pricing is $4 per child ($5 for painting adults)* (call ahead if you'd like to chose specific items or get a quantity of identical items for the kids, a common plan). *Bisque selections must be $13 or more. Party pricing may vary seasonally. ** Commemorative plate design is determined by studio and schedule. Please check in advance.  

In summary:

  • 2-hour event
  • Discounted studio fees
  • Customized Commemorative Plate painted for the birthday child (FREE!)**